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Working Out The Chris Paul – LA Lakers Trade…Hello, Atlanta Hawks

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

According to most reports, the Lakers are currently in the lead for the rights to acquire Chris Paul (as of December 7, 2011). The problem is, L.A. doesn’t quite have the right assets to land Chris Paul. Here’s why, and here’s a logical solution:

What New Orleans Wants: Losing Paul is going to kick start a rebuilding process, and that means that the Hornets need to turn solid veterans with big contracts (i.e., Emeka Okafor) into less expensive players and assets. The Hornets also want good first round draft picks.

  • Takeaway: New Orleans probably isn’t going to trade Chris Paul unless Okafor goes along with him.

What Los Angeles Wants: Chris Paul at any cost. Paul can be the face of the Lakers for the rest of this decade, succeeding Kobe. Furthermore, Paul + the Hollywood lifestyle will ensure that L.A. can entice free agents for years to come.

  • Takeaway: L.A. will probably trade anyone who isn’t named Kobe to acquire Paul.

The Problem: If we look at the centerpieces of the Chris Paul – Lakers trade:

  1. New Orleans would pass on a Bynum for Paul trade because that doesn’t get rid of Okafor.
  2. Trading Paul + Okafor for Bynum + Gasol (or perhaps Bynum + Odom), solves #1, but neither Odom nor Gasol help the Hornets rebuild.┬áThere’s also the fact that Odom and Gasol are incredibly expensive players for a rebuilding team.
  3. The Lakers can offer first round picks, but none of the picks are going to be very high. They’re likely to come in the late 20′s, which is nothing to get excited about considering Golden State and the Clippers can offer more.

The Solution: Why not pull in the Hawks?

Josh Smith is available, and Atlanta has picks they might be willing to offer up in a Gasol trade. L.A. could then trade the pick(s) from Atlanta to New Orleans (along with a pick or two of their own) and take back Okafor and Paul. Here’s the deal I would propose:

  • L.A. gets Chris Paul, Okafor, and Josh Smith
  • New Orleans gets Bynum, Kirk Hinrich, and draft picks from both Atlanta and L.A.
  • Atlanta gets Gasol and saves about $2 million in salary

Everyone wins. (more…)

Trade Idea – Julian Wright and Mo Peterson for Stephen Jackson

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Byron Scott hates playing youngsters, and he’s in desperate trouble. If this team of his doesn’t start winning soon, he’ll be working the playoffs from a desk at ESPN.

Stephen Jackson would rather be anywhere but Golden State, and his play is showing it. Whatever trade value he had before, it’s lower now.

Seems to me that a deal could be made that would benefit both teams. Stephen Jackson ($7.65 million this year) for Wright and Posey ($8.03 million).

Here’s what I like about this deal: (more…)

Detroit Trade Talk Sign That JR Smith Is Killing His Career

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

J.R. Smith Denver Nuggets BasketballIf you’re an NBA player in a contract year, the last thing you want to be described as is a “malcontent.” Unfortunately for JR Smith, that’s exactly what’s happening. Smith’s current team, the Denver Nuggets, have begun to seek a trade to unload Smith, who was quoted earlier this week as saying that he’s “not trying to be a cancer.” It’s no secret that JR Smith and Nuggets coach George Karl don’t get along, and moving Smith is probably best for the team. Unfortunately, rumors of this trade only reinforce Smith’s image as an immature, foolish, and un-coachable young player — a malcontent. (more…)

No Blood No Foul Launched!

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

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