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Chicago Most Likely To Trade For Amar’e »

A report on Yahoo Sports today says that the Phoenix Suns are considering moving Amar’e Stoudemire. Rumors abound that Amar’e is dissatisfied with his new coach, his reduced offensive role, and the fact that people keep asking him to play defense. This shouldn’t come as a surprise - the knock on Amar’e since he joined [...]

Relax Knick Fans - David Lee Isn’t Leaving »

I’m a big fan of Hoopsworld.com and my “friendly neighborhood columnist” Travis Heath. Travis has mentioned a few times that the Nuggets might be able to get David Lee from New York for two 1st round picks and Linas Kleiza.
Seems reasonable enough, right? Kleiza is a versatile swingman that would likely thrive in D’Antoni’s system, [...]

Awful Detroit Pistons TV Ad, Auto Indusry Woes »

On the basketball court, the Pistons have a lot to look forward to. When the team figures out how to fully integrate A.I. into the offense and adjusts to the loss of Billups, there’s no doubt they’ll be a huge challenge for Cleveland and/or Boston. Good stuff.
OFF the basketball court, the Pistons future is downright [...]

Where Is Kaman Going To Land After Clipper-Land? »

The Clippers have too many big men, and they need a solid wingman. Since neither Camby or Kaman won’t accept coming off the bench anyways, it only makes sense to move one of them for a shooting guard or small foward. The consensus is that Kaman is moved - so where could he go?

Racism Alive and Well in NBA Blog Land »

Earlier today I visited Yardbarker.com and came across a post titled “The All Whitey Basketball Team.” The concept is simple - what would a team only composed of white, American-born NBA players look like? Who would be on the team?
Seems like an innocent enough topic, doesn’t it? At first glance, I was inclined to agree. [...]

Spurs Should Work On Gerald Wallace Trade »

Gerald Wallace is on the trading block. The rationale? Jared Dudley and Adam Morrison are capable players who are stuck behind Wallace, and Michael Jordan and Larry Brown believe they can make up for a loss of Wallace with the pieces they have. MJ and LB want a big man to pair with Okafor, and [...]