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Jackson To Charlotte Trade Analysis

Warriors Stephen Jackson and Acie Law have been sent to the Charlotte Bobcats today in exchange for Vlad Radmonivic and Raja Bell. You can read a good recap of the trade and some analysis on Hoopsworld, but there are a few points that are missing:

  1. Raja Bell probably won’t report. He’s playing for a contract next year and he’s not going to get consistent minutes in Golden State (because no one does). I’m guessing Bell asks for a contract buyout and tries to sign-on with the Knicks, Phoenix, or possibly New Orleans. Bell wouldn’t get the most run in Phoenix, but he might enjoy a reunion with his former teammates (and they could use his defense).
  2. It should be crystal-clear by now that Okafor was NOT traded because of money. During the summer, Charlotte shipped Okafor to New Orleans under the guise of “cap flexibility.” However, Okafor was rumored to be a player that Larry Brown really didn’t like because of his attitude and unwillingness to play even slightly hurt. Seeing how poorly Okafor has fit in with the Hornets, it looks like Charlotte outsmarted New Orleans and most of the pundits. Good show.
  3. Stephen Jackson will do well under Larry Brown…for a while. Stephen Jackson will likely thrive in Charlotte for the rest of the year. Larry Brown knows how to reach disgruntled vets (see Rasheed Wallace), and he commands respect. Jackson will be the focal point of the offense, with G-Wallace and Diaw being nice complementary players. However, once the Bobcats miss the playoffs and/or get trounced in the first round, Jackson will start crabbing about finding a new home.
  4. Charlotte might just like Acie Law, and Acie Law should be ecstatic. Law won’t see much time on the court, but he should be excited. There is no finer point-guard coach in the NBA than Larry Brown. Even if Law doesn’t crack the rotation, the practices can help him salvage his career. He might even be able to secure a contract as a backup next summer (see below).
  5. Ray Felton is looking more and more like a goner. Felton held out this summer for a big deal, and Charlotte decided the best move was to let Felton become a free agent next year. With Stephen Jackson holding down the SG slot for the next 2 to 4 years, Felton’s value to Charlotte as a combo guard is diminished. D.J. Augustin is going to continue to improve, and Felton will likely become an expensive luxury that Charlotte won’t be able to keep next year. Therefore, I expect Felton to be shopped this year pretty heavily.
  6. The Warriors will still suck. Blaming all the problems on Jackson is convenient, but the damage has been done. Nellie isn’t capable of leading this team, and Jackson has illustrated that clearly for the last month. The young players in Golden State will never fully respect their coach, and that means the team will stink.

If only Golden State could have traded Nellie’s contract too.

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  2. By Toolatecrew on Nov 16, 2009 | Reply

    I agree that Bell might be bought out. I disagree with your suggested destinations. The Suns can barley find run for Barbosa. Bell would be a third string Sg. The Knicks and Hornets have already thrown away their seasons. They don’t care about defense or veterna leadership. They want to run their young guys and NO in particular doesn’t need another offensivley challanged swingamn they are loaded with them.

    He’ll likley be a sought after guy on contenders. He could fill Bowen’s role on the Spurs and has more game left than Finley. Dallas could use him.

  3. By JL on Nov 16, 2009 | Reply

    Fair enough. I like the Knicks because D’Antoni trusts him and can probably lobby on Bell’s behalf for a contract next year…but I suppose D’Antoni could do that either way. I like N.O. because Bell would make them MUCH better and it might help Chris Paul swallow a Okafor salary dump. I like Phoenix because of his history, but you’re right about their depth, so I think you’re absolutely right about that one. As for San Antonio, they rarely add new guys once the season has started. Dallas would take him for sure, but they’re just as depth challenged as Phoenix.

    Upon further consideration, I’d add the Jazz to my list. They’re hurting for depth, and Sloan has never been a fan of giving young players extended minutes.

    Also, thanks very much for visiting. Hoopsworld won’t let me post a link in the comments, so I’m glad you saw it when you did.

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