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Trade Idea – Julian Wright and Mo Peterson for Stephen Jackson

Byron Scott hates playing youngsters, and he’s in desperate trouble. If this team of his doesn’t start winning soon, he’ll be working the playoffs from a desk at ESPN.

Stephen Jackson would rather be anywhere but Golden State, and his play is showing it. Whatever trade value he had before, it’s lower now.

Seems to me that a deal could be made that would benefit both teams. Stephen Jackson ($7.65 million this year) for Wright and Posey ($8.03 million).

Here’s what I like about this deal:

  • Jackson makes New Orleans wildly better. CP3 and David West have a 3rd banana that fits at either the 2 or the 3. Peja still comes off the bench, and if Posey can somehow find the energy and desire, he could start at SF.
  • Jackson won’t be dragging down his team in Golden State anymore. Honestly, the Warriors need another promising young player (Wright) like they need a hole in the head, and Peterson is going straight to the end of the bench. However, Wright is going to be easy to package with some of the other youngsters for a good veteran at the trade deadline (Amare, I’m looking at you).
  • The Warrior’s cap situation is much improved. There’s still the anchor that is Corey Maggette , but losing Jackson brightens the cap situation in Golden State.
  • It’s as good as anything Golden State has been offered up to this point. If I were New Orleans, I’d try and pawn off Posey instead of Mo Pete…but Golden State isn’t that dumb (are they?). A decent youngster and a smallish contract is a better offer than Big Z (who won’t re-sign and won’t help Golden State win).
  • If they make the move now, Golden State’s season has more potential. Getting rid of Jackson will help this team a lot…maybe even enough to put them on track to get the 8th seed.

Here’s what I don’t like about this deal:

  • Unless New Orleans includes a draft pick, this is cheap-selling Jackson. It’s true that as of right now, there aren’t any great offers for Jackson on the table…but that might not be the case in February. Patience is a virtue when evaluating NBA trades.
  • New Orleans is still screwed cap wise. This deal has to make them a championship contender, because if it doesn’t they’ll need to dump somebody good for cap relief. If New Orleans holds on to both of these players, they’ll have 2 expiring contracts that can be easily dumped next summer for cap relief.

Bottom Line – It’s too early to move Jackson, but if Byron Scott can sell his ownership on the idea that Jackson makes them unbeatable, it’s entirely possible these teams will be discussing a trade in the next few months. I’m pretty confident that Peterson, Posey, and Wright will be in the discussion…so it’s worth keeping an eye on.

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