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Nuggets Blazers October 29, 2009 Game Recap

If you’re looking for a full recap of the game, both Bust a Bucket and The Nugg Doctor have done a nice job of breaking down last night’s game from each fan perspective.

Here are some thoughts I have about the game that I haven’t seen mentioned:

1. McMillan needs to resolve the PG question. I believe McMillan yanked Andre Miller at about the 6 min mark in the 4th quarter last night. Blake wasn’t playing nearly as well as Miller last night, and when Dre sat down the look on his face said it all. McMillan recognized his mistake at about 3 mins, but by then Blake had thrown a nasty turn-over. I recognize that it’s early, but I see this being a source of concern in Portland.

Miller is the better player, and the fact that McMillan isn’t starting him could upset team chemistry. Or it might not. As I said, it’s a concern in my mind.

2. Denver needs more length of the bench. I wrote back in June about how Denver should have traded for Kurt Thomas. I think that ship has probably sailed now (he’s in the rotation in Milwaukee), but how nice would it have been to bring Kurt off the bench last night for 20 mins or so?

3. Oden is a beast. This kid needs help in a lot of areas, but for sake of argument let’s say that Oden never significantly improves his gameĀ  from the current level. Assuming he can get his fouling somewhat under control and play 30 mins a night, he’s a top 10 NBA center that averages 12 boards and 3 blocks a night. Killer.

4. Carmelo is looking great, but I’m worried he’s going to disappoint us. Melo looked fantastic in the WCF, then he sort of disappeared. Perhaps the Lakers came up with a scheme, or perhaps Melo wasn’t 100%, but whatever the case, I think it’s very premature to talk about him as a potential MVP. If he can sustain this intensity for a few weeks, we’ve got something to talk about.

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