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Awful Detroit Pistons TV Ad, Auto Indusry Woes

On the basketball court, the Pistons have a lot to look forward to. When the team figures out how to fully integrate A.I. into the offense and adjusts to the loss of Billups, there’s no doubt they’ll be a huge challenge for Cleveland and/or Boston. Good stuff.

OFF the basketball court, the Pistons future is downright scary. Detroit’s economy is utterly and totally dependent on the auto industry, and with all the talk of automaker bankruptcy and bailouts, the people of Detroit are tightening their purse strings…which means Pistons ticket sales need some help.

So why not come up with a “cool” ad that will really “speak” to the “dudes” in Detroit?

Uuuugh. That ad SUCKS. Nice try, crack Pistons ad team. Maybe next time.

Somebody should get fired for that one…

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