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Spurs Should Work On Gerald Wallace Trade

Gerald Wallace is on the trading block. The rationale? Jared Dudley and Adam Morrison are capable players who are stuck behind Wallace, and Michael Jordan and Larry Brown believe they can make up for a loss of Wallace with the pieces they have. MJ and LB want a big man to pair with Okafor, and since Wallace seems to be replaceable, why not move him?

San Antonio NEEDS to get involved in the Gerald Wallace trade sweepstakes - he’s exactly what they need. A dynamic scorer and a solid defender, he’s got a great work ethic and he understands the Spurs ‘team-first’ philosophy. Not to mention the fact that Wallace gives the Spurs a decent chance of winning some games while Manu Ginobili (and now Tony Parker) recover.

Even better, Gerald Wallace is a player that wouldn’t cost the Spurs hardly anything.

Tell me you wouldn’t like to see Gerald Wallace, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, and Tim Duncan face off against the Hornets or the Lakers in the playoffs?

Here’s how San Antonio can get their hands on Gerald Wallace:

1. Get the Knicks involved. The Knicks would likely part with David Lee if it would also get rid of Eddy Curry, and the Spurs could send a draft pick NY’s way to make them feel good about it.

2. Get Larry Brown and Michael Jordan excited. This one doesn’t seem to hard - Okafor is a big-time rebounder and defender who struggles to score. Curry is a solid offensive player who can’t defend or rebound. Put them together and you’ve got a decent PF/C combination. Bring David Lee and Sean May off the bench and you’ve got a solid 2nd unit. Dare I say it, but Charlotte’s frontcourt might even be enviable.

3. Remind NY that they can’t hire Lebron if they don’t dump salary. Losing David Lee will likely be a hard pill to swallow, but the Knicks have got to realize that Lee is going to expect a solid contract before next season. Besides, isn’t getting rid of Curry a top priority? (except for maybe getting rid of Marbury?)

4. Part ways with two defensive stalwarts. San Antonio would need to send out about $8 million in contracts to get Wallace, and the only players that they can trade this early in the season that make any significant amount of money are Oberto and Bowen. After December 15th, a few more players are available to trade…but Wallace might be gone by then.

Here’s how the deal goes down:

  1. Knicks send Curry and David Lee to Charlotte
  2. Charlotte sends Wallace to San Antonio
  3. San Antonio sends Oberto, Bowen, a small contract (Vaughan maybe?), and a draft pick to NY.

The Knicks will need to waive someone to make a deal, but that shouldn’t be too hard. Once a buyout is reached with Bowen and/or Oberto, they can bring back whoever they waived (maybe they can even bring Patrick Ewing Jr. back).

This deal makes a lot of sense for San Antonio, makes decent sense for the Knicks (cap space), and is possibly sensible for Charlotte. I think this trade’s got a shot…

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  2. By Police on Nov 9, 2008 | Reply

    Is Clyde on his way out of The NY commentator lineup?

  3. By JL on Nov 9, 2008 | Reply

    What, you want to include him in the deal or something? :-)

  4. By Jimmie on Nov 9, 2008 | Reply

    Wow whoever proposed this trade is ridiculous, why would the Knicks do this? Nice wishful thinking by a desperate Spurs fan, looking forward to Tuesday

  5. By JL on Nov 10, 2008 | Reply

    Jimmie - Since Curry’s contract is an albatross that will impede any free agency signings in 2010, I’m assuming the aspect you’re objecting to is to send David Lee along with him. Lee has every right to expect a $5-$8 million a year contract next year, for a minimum length of three years. Moving Curry’s contract to clear cap space, and then signing Lee to nearly the same amount, doesn’t make much sense. The Knicks need to move Curry and Jamal Crawford and/or Quentin Richardson to have enough cap space to play in the “summer of Lebron.” David Lee was almost packaged with a draft pick for Kevin Love this summer…what makes you think the Knicks wouldn’t loose Lee to dump Curry? The good news for you - Curry’s knees are hurting (maybe because he’s 30lbs overweight), so Charlotte’s interest in him is likely past. You still get to see Lee struggle to run D’Antonio’s offense while Curry rests on the bench.

  6. By Jimmie on Nov 10, 2008 | Reply

    I’m not hoping for Lebron anyways, I’d rather see them get D-Wade, Amare, or Bosh, which will cost slightly less, and how can they move Jamal? he’s one of the two big scoring threats they even have, if they want to at least remain competitive for the next few years to keep fans interested they also need to retain Lee. Lee is the only fan favorite, along with Nate, that the Knicks have had in years. In my opinion, looking down the road two years ahead is really counterproductive, because you cannot put all your eggs in one basket. If the Knicks could have gotten Gerald Wallace in some kind of Curry deal, I would have been ecstatic. Build for the future, while remaining at least competitive now is what Knick fans want to see. And at 4-2, this is quite a nice surprise for us diehards.

  7. By JL on Nov 11, 2008 | Reply

    Jimmie - Good points. I wholeheartedly agree that placing all the eggs in the Lebron basket is foolish. However, there’s no arguing that Lebron can sign for the same per/year salary in NY as he can in Cleveland. Seeing how Lebron was willing to sign a shorter contract last time he negotiated (in order to maximize his salary long-term), despite the inherent risk of a career-ending injury, Lebron has demonstrated that he’s got the big picture in mind. He’s also confident that he won’t get hurt (or at least he’s willing to gamble). The Knicks offer the chance to play on a world stage, and the potential endorsements that would come with being a Knick are hard to estimate (think Tiger Woods). So, I can believe that Lebron would seriously consider the Knicks.

    As for dumping Lee to help move salary, it might make sense. As exciting of a player as Lee is, he’ll likely never be more than a very good role player. Curry, Crawford, Jeffries, and Randolph are all under contract through 2010. Dump any one of them, and they have a shot at paying Lebron (assuming the cap continues to rise and they don’t take on any more deals). Dump two, and you guarantee a shot at Lebron as well as give yourself a chance to bring in some talent. Z-Bo could be traded - his abilities would likely entice someone (especially since he’s flourishing in D’Antoni’s system) - but the Knicks would probably like to keep him (every team needs a post scorer) unless they could get something too good to pass up. If moving Lee helps you move Curry, you solve two problems - no contact for Lee this summer, and no more paying a guy $10 million to sit on his ass. Same goes for moving Nate Robinson too. I like them both, but they’re role players. It would make sense to lose both if it gave you a good shot at Lebron.

  8. By Jimmie on Nov 11, 2008 | Reply

    You also made some good points, I just disagree with the Nate and Lee part. I totally agree one of them is possibly going to have to be sacrificed to dump one of their other bad salaries but a team in the Knick’s position is going to need really good role players in order to have the pieces to surround Lebron with. I’d say that Curry can be dumped and if it’s going to take giving up Lee or Nate to get rid of Jeffries then I’d have to say I’d rather see Lee go. Nate is an incredible talent, who if only he were a few inches taller would be a superstar like an Allen Iverson type. But Crawford and Randolph are two guys they need to retain if they are going to remain competitive before 2010. I just hope that Curry and Jeffries are the two of the four you listed that are dumped, rather than two actually productive players in Randolph and Crawford.

  9. By JL on Nov 11, 2008 | Reply

    Fair enough - I’m sure most Knick fans would like to see that as well. If Curry can loose some weight and cure that knee pain - and run in a few games - someone somewhere in the NBA will take a flyer on him. As for Crawford, I would submit any number of players in his position would flourish in D’Antoni’s system. Crawford’s biggest advantage is his ability to play so well in a half-court offense (his handle is excellent). D’Antoni can make any guard look like a scoring threat (Raja Bell), so I’m not convinced that Crawford is essential. Still, if and when Lebron arrives, it would be nice to surround him with some top talent (Crawford is good, no doubt).

  10. By Jimmie on Nov 21, 2008 | Reply

    Wow this recent trade of Crawford for Harrington, and the possible impending Randolph for Thomas and Mobley deal are not good. I know the Knicks are so intent on the ‘10 free agent class, but the franchise could seriously fall apart before then. I understand the cap implications but i guess the Knicks are back to the Eastern Conference basement again. Trading your best 2 players is not quite the best move. Now if Jeffries and Curry were involved in these trades, they would have made more sense.

  11. By JL on Nov 22, 2008 | Reply

    Harrington is a much better fit for the Knicks at the “Center” position (more of a PF anyways in D’Antoni’s system) than Z-Bo. Randolph’s 3pt shooting was poor, but that never stopped him from launching them. Harrington doesn’t have the back-to-the-basket game, but his better all-around game and better defense will make up for whatever half-court offense the Knicks loose.

    As for losing Crawford, that was a tough blow. Cat Mobley isn’t really capable of replacing him, and Q isn’t really going to be great at SG, but he’s not going to be bad either. He’s less likely to be overpowered at the 2. Playing Chandler at the SF is going to hurt in the short run, but it will make the Knicks a better team down the road.

    So, all in all, these two trades were a way to solve some financial problems without hurting the current team too badly. Compared to dumping Z-Bo for absolutely nothing (like the Clippers offered this summer), this was a decent deal. As for trading Crawford for Harrington, that was a fair deal.

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