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McDyess Won’t Play So Trade Him

Antonio McDyess was included in the recent Allen Iverson - Chauncy Billups trade, and the trouble is he doesn’t want to play in Denver. Evidently, McDyess is still upset about the way he was treated in 2002 when Denver traded him away to the Knicks. Denver has tried to pursue a buyout with McDyess, but their offer (about 50% of what Antonio is owed) isn’t getting McDyess excited. Evidently, he wants most of his money AND he wants to go play somewhere else while he gets checks from Denver.

Antonio McDyess

What is the world coming to? How can anyone expect such a thing? Such are NBA contracts…

While it’s understandable that McDyess has some hard feelings, the stark reality is that the guy is getting paid about 7.5 million to play basketball. It’s time to man up and play in Denver (or take half of what he’s owed and move on), and McDyess better do it soon. Otherwise…

Denver could make a couple of deals -

How about McDyess and a 1st-round pick(s) for OKC’s Chris Wilcox? Wilcox isn’t part of the long-term plans in OKC and the Thunder have shown interest in the past in buying out veterans in exchange for a 1st-round draft pick or two. Besides, Denver might be able to squeeze a little more production out of Wilcox in a new setting - this is a contract year for Wilcox.

McDyess and a pick(s) for New Jersey’s Stromile Swift. McDyess can work out a buyout with New Jersey (have fun buddy!). Denver could also take on Trenton Hassell and bring back Eddie Najera - it’s not like New Jersey is expecting to win. Besides, it’s the least Kiki can do after saddling the Nuggets with K-Mart’s ridiculous contract.

McDyess for the Knicks Jared Jeffries. This is just mean - the Knicks won’t buyout Marbury, so this would be the ultimate “Up Yours” to McDyess.Don’t like our buyout offer? Go talk to Jimmy Dolan. Good luck winning a championship!” NY would have to throw something in to make this deal work for Denver, but you never know…

The point of these scenarios - DENVER IS IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT. If McDyess wants to play again, he’s going to have to compromise.

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