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7 Reasons The Nuggets Must Trade Allen Iverson

Allen IversonIt’s a shame that Iverson - one of the greatest small guards to ever play the game (if not THE greatest) - has to leave Denver. The, however, writing is on the wall - the Melo - A.I. experiment has failed. Here’s why Denver’s got to trade A.I.:

1) Denver risks losing Iverson for nothing if they don’t trade him. The argument here is simple - keep Iverson, and you risk him leaving for nothing this time next year. It’s just good business to trade players in their last season.

2) Iverson’s defense is holding Denver back. Don’t get me wrong - I’m not saying that Iverson is the problem on defense. The truth is, even without Iverson, there are a lot of guys that need to improve defensively (cough - MELO -  cough). However, Iverson’s defensive risk taking and lack of focus give the Nuggets opponents a lot of opportunities. While his scoring will be missed, just about anyone can replace him and improve the Nuggets defensively.

3) Iverson’s presence limits the Nuggets options. Anyone want to guess why Denver didn’t trade for Ron Artest last season? Contrary to popular news media, it had nothing to do with Linas Kleiza. The problem is that Artest played basically the same position as A.I. Starting Artest would have forced Denver to move A.I. to point guard, and it’s been proven time and again A.I. is better as a shooting guard. Because A.I. is more of a shooting guard, Denver has to find a big PG that can shoot and defend to compensate for him - that type of PG isn’t exactly easy to find. Trading A.I. makes finding a good PG much easier, not to mention it gives J.R. Smith and Linas Kleiza more court time.

4) Iverson and Melo are too similar to play together. Now that we’ve all had a chance to watch these two guys play, it’s become clear that they really can’t play off each other. They both have a strong mid-range game, but neither is reliable beyond the arc. Instead of playing ‘inside - out,’ like most great scoring duos in the history of the game, A.I. and Melo play ‘inside - mid-range.’ There’s also the fact that these two enjoy playing one-on-one way too much. It’s hard to have a ‘team’ when two players completely dominate the offense.

5) Iverson’s trade value will never be higher. There are a handful of teams that would value Iverson right now, and that list will get a lot shorter as time goes by. Iverson is knocking on 33 years old, and it’s safe to say he’s got two or three good years left before he finally succumbs to age.

6) Trading A.I. is Denver’s best shot at getting better. Right now, the Nuggets have plateaued. Kenyon Martin’s contract is an anchor on the salary cap that prevents Denver from getting involved in free agency. Injury-prone Marcus Camby is getting old for an NBA starter. Nene hasn’t developed as the Nuggets had hoped, and the Nuggets don’t have a point guard to speak of. Unlike most NBA teams, Denver hasn’t had a first round pick in the last few years, and aside from Linas Kleiza and JR Smith, they don’t have any up-and-coming players to be excited about. Trading a big name like A.I. will net them some good young talent and maybe even a draft pick or two.

7) $$$ Money. With these types of posts, the last reason is usually the best. Denver’s team salary is all kinds of crazy, and some estimates say the Nuggets are losing $5-$10 million a season. Getting rid of Iverson’s contract would go a long way towards restoring profitability.

Trading Iverson is going to be easiest via sign-and-trade. While it is possible to trade him during the last year of his huge contract, it doesn’t make much sense to do so for any of the parties involved. A.I. wants security, Denver wants something of value back, and whatever team trades for Iverson is going to want to lock him up for at least the next couple of years.

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  2. By Brandon Hoffman on Jun 27, 2008 | Reply

    I agree.

    The Nuggets were better off with Andre Miller.

  3. By answer3 on Aug 18, 2008 | Reply

    well, i am a massive a.i fan but yeah you are sort of correct with what your saying but….. we are talking about allen iverson-the anser-a.i-bubbachuck, he is 3rd top scorer in the nba following jordan and chaimberlain, of our time now he is the best offensive players right now, yeah hes old but,is age really an issue if he is dropping stats like 30 odd ppg,and 2 steals pg, and many assists, he is a leader, if you were denver, would you get rid of this awesome player??? i dont think so.. i sure wouldnt.

  4. By JL on Aug 20, 2008 | Reply

    I hear what you’re saying, but if we assume that Denver will struggle to make the playoffs again this upcoming season, it would make an awful lot of sense to ship Iverson off to a team making a push for the playoffs. He might be able to get Denver a draft pick and/or a talented youngster. If it seems like Denver is going to miss the playoffs come February, expect A.I. to be traded.

  5. By JOLS on Sep 30, 2008 | Reply

    the nuggets would have won at least a game or two if george karl only gave linas kleiza and j.r smith more minutes and melo with less playing time.

    when kleiza and smith are on the floor they were making good 6-8 point runs from plays that anthony carter and a.i were setting

    but then melo returns on the floor who definitely is not interested in playing defense against kobe or odom. and the he starts taking ill-advised shots with 3-5 consecutive shots missed destroying the momentum.

    they should trade melo for a young big guy who will clog the opposing team’s offense. since scoring is the only thing that melo gives and we all know scoring is not a problem for the nuggets even if melo’s not on the floor(they are probably even better with him on the bench)

    or if not maybe he should sign with the sixers next season he said he wont mind a smaller salary and with brand,dalmbert miller(????) and iggy on the team they could do big things. and his boy “blue” (aaron mckie) just joined the sixers coaching staff.

  6. By Tony parker on Oct 16, 2008 | Reply

    A.I just come to spurs and get you a ring

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