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Mike Bibby Is Right – Most NBA Fans Suck (Except in NY and LA)

Mike Bibby is right about NBA fans.Mike Bibby recently said that Boston’s fans arebandwagon jumpers…I played here [in Boston] last year and I didn’t see most of them.” Talk about honest – most of Boston’s current fans weren’t planning on attending games, cheering their team on, or wearing any jerseys until KG and Ray Allen came to town. But Mike Bibby was wrong to single out Celtics fans – the truth is most NBA fans suck. Here’s why:

1 . Your average NBA fan doesn’t understand the game.

Unless you’re watching the Lakers or the Knicks play, you rarely hear a home crowd boo their own team. Why? Because in most cities, the fans don’t know what to expect from their team. When the Lakers or the Knicks blow a lead, give up consecutive offensive rebounds, or miss an easy shot, their fans let them have it. These things are caused by laziness. These things are caused by stupidity. These things are unacceptable. When was the last time you booed your team for doing something stupid or lazy? Maybe you haven’t booed them because you don’t know how the game is played.

NBA fans drink too much.2 . NBA fans are drunk.

Attend any game at any arena in America and you’ll find beer. Lots of beer. Some arenas even serve shots and mixed drinks. I’ve got nothing against enjoying alcohol, but there’s something about public events that encourages the average fan to over imbibe. Drunkeness is only enjoyable for drunk people – everyone else is irritated.

3 . NBA fans imagine they’re important.

This one really gets me – people saying “WE DID IT!” after their team wins. WTF? Really? “We” did it? What exactly did you do? Was it that order of nachos that pushed your team over the top, or was it that time you high-fived the guy next to you when so-and-so hit a shot? Unless you’re working out one of your team’s players in practice, you can shut the hell up about this “we did it” business.

4 . NBA fans only participate when their team wins.

Remember when the Pacers were good? That stadium was full every game (about 20k people). This season, Indiana has the league’s lowest attendance figures (about 12k a game). Did 8,000 game ticket buying Pacers fans die in the last 4 years? No. The answer is that those Pacer fans are busy buying Celtics jerseys and talking about how they’ve been a Celtics fan since Bird joined the team in 1980 whatever. Ya right.

NBA fans are fat.5. The “I could have made that play” BS.

You’re watching the game with your friends and your team blows a layup. Somebody quips “I COULD HAVE MADE THAT ONE!!”. Really?! Shut the #@% UP. You can’t even run the length of the court three times. Next time you (or someone you know) starts to utter that phrase, I want you to stop and say “these men are elite athletes – I am a couch potato.” Keep saying it until you believe it, or until your pizza shows up. Fat ass.

Here’s why NY and LA NBA fans are better:

Every year, regardless of the team, regardless of the record, NY and LA enjoy full or nearly full arenas. Just because the team isn’t playing well doesn’t mean fans aren’t buying tickets. NY and LA fans will also boo their team when they’re playing poorly, something I have yet to see in another arena (at least consistently). Finally, and perhaps most importantly, your average run-of-the-mill moron can’t afford to buy tickets to a Lakers or Knicks game. When you keep those people out, the “we did it” mob mentality doesn’t grab hold like it does in a lot of the cheaper arenas in the country.

I hope that I made you laugh. I also hope that I made you think. I really hope I pissed some people off. The truth is that just about everyone has done one or more of these things themselves. You can be mad, you can argue with me and say “my team’s fans are better because blah blah blah”, or you can stop sucking as a fan. Read more. Listen more than you talk. Crack a book sometime in the off-season and learn how the game is played. Get out on the court and run some suicides, do a rebounding drill, and try making a 23 foot jumper. Then maybe you’ll appreciate the game for what it is – the greatest game on the planet.

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  2. By Anthony on May 9, 2008 | Reply

    Really dig this topic man. I agree with a lot of what you said. I think in today’s society fans have become very fair weather, and in a lot of instances truly do not understand the game. I do disagree with part of it. I am a Philly fan, having spent most of my life there and now having lived in Los Angeles for almost 4 years. New York and Los Angeles are definitely great basketball towns, but I feel its pretty easy to sell out when you have 20 million people living near the arena. The fact that the “morons” cannot afford to go to the games is both a good and bad thing. It sometimes weeds out some of the bad element, but there are a lot of great fans that can no longer attend. It turns it into a corporate atmosphere. Like they are at a symphony. Thats why arenas are playing music and all the other dumb stuff they do during games because the people who attend largely are not basketball fans. Also, in L.A. they come by the 2nd quarter and leave in the 4th. Oh, and we boo in Philly all the time. Haha. The only other thing is, of course I know I’m Biased, but in Philly the attendance dropped the last few years significantly, but I do not see that as a sign as being poor fans. In a city like Philly which is very blue collar many people struggle to afford to go to the games, and if a team is not going to attempt to put something watchable out on the floor, why should they go? I respect that more than just showing up year after year so the team keeps making money and rasing prices even though they are crap. Maybe it will inject some life into the front office to actually try and win. Booing won’t take money out of their pockets. Although I am huge fan of booing. I think there are great fans and idiot fans all over the country, either way I will never stop being a huge fan of all sports myself.

  3. By RVN on Jun 13, 2008 | Reply

    Well said…screw BANDWAGON FANS!

  4. By Alex on Dec 17, 2008 | Reply

    great story ive been supporting the mavs since 2002 i remember the nash-finley-dirk combination we didnt win a lot but what can you do but i can remember those days like it was yesterday by the way bandwagon fans are a disgrace, every sport has it you cant do anything about them. since the celtics have won the championship last year out of nowhere the people i knew that liked the lower teams like knicks, kings became celtic fans all of a sudden?? !!! they had explained to me that they had liked them from the beginning what a shame!!

  5. By E on Apr 29, 2010 | Reply

    I agree with some of what you wrote, but when it comes down to it, basketball is a business and most people don’t want to pay to see an unsuccessful team. Take for example a really expensive restaurant that you eat at three times a week. Now imagine they started making lower quality food because one of the companies they bough an important ingredient from went out of business. Most people would give the restaurant another try or two due to loyalty, but if the restaurant couldn’t improve the quality of their dishes after that, people would stop eating there. Because more people would stop coming, the restaurant would be forced to lower their prices or create brand new dishes from scratch, but even this may not satisfy their customers.
    Imagine the NBA as the basketball equivalence to high end restaurants. Because they are marketing themselves as the best in the world at their profession, their ticket prices can’t sink below a certain level or else the league looses its prestige. They are competing with other teams in the best league in the world, and if these teams can’t compete, people are going to look elsewhere.
    Now why does Los Angeles and New York still draw the crowds even during bad seasons. First,the Lakers have built prestige over the years and being one of the elite teams in the league for so many years earns a team a longer length of loyalty. Also Mr. Bibby, the Lakers have probably only missed the playoffs once since you entered the league, and they have won the championship four times, so your observations are a little bit shewed. Secondly, both Los Angeles and New York are two of the richest cities in the world, and while you may think that they expect more out of their team, they also have the extra money to spend on games. If there was only one nice restaurant in a city and your options were go to it or not go at all, you would choose go to it if you had extra money because its still the best you can get in that industry, and you would choose not to go at all if you didn’t have extra money and eating out was a special occasion because you would be paying the same amount for a less enjoyable experience. Anyways, that’s all I have to say. You’re an elitist and you are only rich because you are very good at a particular talent and not because you actually understand how the world works. This is real life and this league is made possible because its a business and they can pay people like you millions of dollars to keep you in the league because you are one of the best in the world. Be a little sympathetic to the underprivileged. They may not be as cut throat but they know when it is worth it to spend money and when it is worth it to stay at home.

  6. By NONAME on Apr 29, 2010 | Reply

    what about Chicago fans? we know basketball and we let the bulls have it if they screw up. and they’ve screwed up plenty these past few years. We’ve also had one of the best attendance records in the NBA for a while even though we’ve been a sub-par team.

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