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Sam Cassell Want’s Money To Quit His Job.

Sam Cassell wants money to quit his job.I like Sam Cassell - I like Sam Cassell a lot. He’s a good leader, a good scorer, and he can run an offense. He’s an ambassador of the game, and the fact that he’s capable of helping any number of teams win a championship at age 38 is nothing short of amazing. He’s one of my heroes.

But what the HELL is he thinking? Here’s what I’m talking about - Cassell, eager to be bought out, has refused to walk away from the money remaining on his contact. “I’m not doing it…I know for a fact I’ve done tremendous things for this organization. I’ve helped this organization have respectability in the city of L.A.” (source LA Times)

Let me see if I understand what you’re saying Sam

  • You WANT to leave the Clippers so you can play on a team that has a chance to win it all, but you expect the Clippers to pay you money to do so?
  • You believe that because you made the Clippers respectable, you deserve to be paid money you’re not actually going to earn?
  • Incidentally, when you were making the Clippers respectable, what exactly were you being paid for at that time? Was the first year of your contract payment for something you’d done previously as well?
  • You expect to walk away from the Clippers with a big check in your pocket, yet finish the season somewhere else?
  • What’s in it for the Clippers?

What is in this for the Clippers - what do they get for giving Sam his walking papers? Some people say that the Clippers should let Sam leave because it’s the right thing to do…Sam is getting older, and he doesn’t have many more chances to win it all. I agree. Some say the Clippers should let Sam leave simply to prove that they’re a player-oriented organization…good P.R., might help them recruit a free agent, etc. I agree with that point too. Sam should be allowed to leave.

But why should Same take money he didn’t earn with him? He wants to leave, and the Clippers have agreed to let him out of the remainder of his contract. But why should the Clippers also pay him to do so?

Of course, the businessman in me recognizes that if Sam stays, he’s going to get the rest of his money…if the Clippers can pay him less than they were going to anyways, it’s a win. Unfortunately, it sounds like Clippers owner Donald Sterling doesn’t agree with me. I understand his frustration. Listening to Sam brag about all he’s done for your team and then expecting a big severance would be infuriating.

I think Sam should accept the facts - he’s leaving the Clippers in the lurch, with only Brevin Knight to run the point. He’s running out on the sinking ship. Granted, he’s got some good reasons to leave, but where does he get off expecting payment to do so?

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  2. By Ed Ziti on Feb 28, 2008 | Reply

    Great piece, I feel the exact same way

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