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Please, Trade Kidd To The Knicks

Trade Jason Kidd to New YorkIt’s been said that Jason Kidd recently requested a trade through his agent, adding to the wild trade rumors that get NBA fans so excited every winter. I’ve spent the last couple of hours trying to figure out where Kidd would, could, or should go, and I’ve drawn a big zero. Unless it’s a three team trade, I don’t see any way that Kidd leaves NJ before the trade deadline. Most contending teams would have to nuke their current rosters to make a deal for Kidd, and the resulting chaos might ruin the team. However, there is a possible trade partner, and they’re just up the street…

Jason Kidd to the NY Knicks for Zach Randolph and Jamal Crawford.

Why this trade makes sense for NY: Kidd would solve NY’s point guard problem and pave the way for a Marbury buyout. Shipping out Randolph would solve the Curry-Randolph fiasco. Most importantly, the NY Knicks are a team that needs leadership. A wily vet like Jason Kidd would pull this group of talented players together, and his talent level and skill is more than strong enough to withstand the criticism of the NY media. Of all the players in the league, Kidd could probably pull the Knicks together. Imagine what NY could do with their talent if they could all play together – the Knicks have one of the best rosters in the league (at least on paper). The NY Knicks would also save a fortune moving Crawford and Randolph – Kidd’s contract has another $20 million on it, whereas Crawford and Randolph’s contracts amount to more than $65 million thru 2011. The $40 million dollar savings could go towards Marbury’s buyout, as well as some sexual harassment training for the entire MSG staff (zing!).

Why this trade makes sense for NJ: The Nets need a legit post player and a reliable outside shooter. Don’t get me wrong – NJ isn’t going to be better without Jason Kidd. Losing him will be a big blow. But the reality is the guy’s leaving whether they want him to or not. Crawford can handle some of the PG duties, and Randolph’s dominance inside would take a lot of pressure off Vince Carter. Imagine a NJ starting five of Crawford, Richard Jefferson, Vince Carter, Zach Randolph, and a healthy Kristic. This trade would give NJ the tools to challenge Boston and Detroit. I’m sure some of you will argue that last point, but VC and RJ are a handful for any team. The current problem in NJ is that there’s no one inside or outside that can free up the lane for these two. Crawford’s 3pt range will punish teams for zoning up, as would Randolph’s back-to-the-basket game. NJ would be a fierce team come playoff time.

Why this trade will never happen: First of all, Isiah would need to leave. Kidd’s personality is too dominant for him to play for a coach like Isiah. Secondly, James Dolan would need to evolve as an owner. Dolan would have to recognize that he can’t spend his way to a championship – saving money is a big reason to make this deal. Dolan would also have to swallow his pride and make NJ a better team – something he’s probably not interesting in doing. Finally, Jason Kidd would have to recognize he’s not going to be traded to a contender. His contract is just too big – most teams in the league would have to decimate their roster to make a deal happen. Oh yeah, he’d also have to want to leave NJ really bad. The last guy that thought he was traded to NY broke out in tears…

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