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Celtics “Weak Schedule” Talk Is All Wrong

Celtics weak schedule talk is wrong.Enough with the “weak schedule” talk. It’s just the easy way out for crap basketball analysts who haven’t taken the time to watch the Celtics and break down their strengths and weaknesses.

The Celtics have absolutely crushed most every team they have faced. They have played every good team in the east including Orlando and Cleveland twice. They have demolished so-called contending west teams like Denver and L.A., and beat a damn good Jazz team in Utah’s building.

Furthermore, they have embarrassed teams to the point that they have resorted to cheap shots to salvage their pride. The prime example was Lamar Odom’s flagrant foul on Ray Allen. Odom was pissed off because his team had just been dismantled at home. He blew a gasket when KG stuffed his ass and said, “Get that shit out of here.” (On the side, KG says this once every game.) Instead of going after KG, Odom tackled Ray Allen. A couple nights earlier the Kings pulled the same crap. Garcia and Miller hit KG repeatedly with slaps to his face, because they were being outplayed in every facet of the game.

The critics point to the fact that the Celtics haven’t played the Spurs, Mavs, Rockets and Suns. That’s great but the Rockets suck and the Mavs are beatable (see first round exit last year and shitty point guards Devin Harris and Jason Terry). The Celtics might lose to the Spurs and Suns. Both teams are championship caliber squads. The fact of the matter is the Celtics are 26-3. Would 26-5 be any less spectacular?

The fact of the matter is the Celtics are an elite team. They are one of a handful of teams including San Antonio, Phoenix, Utah, Detroit, and maybe Cleveland, who have a legitimate shot at winning the NBA Championship. It doesn’t matter if these teams win 55 or 75 regular season games. In the playoffs, they will be the teams to beat, and anyone of them can beat the other, with the exception of Cleveland who can’t beat the Spurs. The Celtics need only concern themselves with finishing ahead of the Pistons so Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals is played at the Garden.

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