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Celtics Naysayers VINDICATED!

Boston Celtics Naysayers have been vindicated.I hope everyone in Boston watched the fourth quarter of tonight’s Celtics-Pistons game, because it perfectly highlighted everything that’s wrong with the Celtics.

1) Rajon Rondo is the weakest link. Sure, he had a good game stats wise, but how badly was he abused by Chauncey Billups? Don’t get me wrong, in two or three years Rondo is going to be one helluva player, but it’s much too soon to expect so much from someone so young.

2) The Celtics bench is weak. I’m amazed that anyone ever thought any different, but amazingly some people seem to think Boston has a good bench. Tonight’s game showed quite the opposite — Boston’s bench only scored 5 points and shot 22%!! A terrible performance.

3) The Celtics have no depth. If you watched the game, you saw McDyess, Maxiell, and Wallace out-work Perkins and Garnett for rebounds. You saw Lindsay Hunter, who only played 10 minutes, cause 3 turnovers and match Boston’s entire bench in terms of scoring. You saw Aaron Afflalo, a mere rookie, get substantial minutes guarding Ray Allen (and doing pretty well at it too). Finally, and most importantly, when Rajon Rondo committed his 5th foul with 6:54 left to play, Boston did not have a point guard to replace him. Boston’s lack of depth should now be blatantly obvious.

4) Doc Rivers is a bad coach. I’m sure that a lot of people are blaming the Celtics’ loss on Tony Allen — after all, he did foul Chauncey with 0.1 seconds left in a tie game. It was a dumb move. But it would be stupid to blame Tony Allen — he did the best he could for a young player who got thrown in the game at the last minute. What the *heck* was Rivers thinking playing Tony Allen in the closing seconds? Tony had a grand total of 3 minutes in the game when he was asked to go out and stop Chauncey. At least Rondo had been covering Billups all game and knew his tendencies…Rondo couldn’t have done any worse.

What does it all mean? More likely than not, if Boston and Detroit play a seven game series, Detroit wins. They match up very well against Boston and they expose all of the Celtics weaknesses. Barring injuries, etc., Boston can’t advance to the Finals if they have to go through Detroit.

BTW — Shout out to ManchvegasBob. One question Bob — what’s the +/- of the Celtics bench in tonight’s game? LOL

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  2. By Sean on Dec 20, 2007 | Reply

    Wow! I guess the Celtics should just forget about the rest of the season. I mean, losing one game to Detroit by 2 points should cripple their delicate psyche. How will they ever recover? You also left out the fact that the C’s probably should have won the game. I guess all the good stuff the Celtics did should not be mentioned, right? It’s probably not smart to make predictions like that too early in the season, you just make yourself look foolish later.

  3. By Sean on Dec 20, 2007 | Reply

    Oh and by the way, when whipdicks like you talk crap, all we have to do is think about how great it is up here in New England (Best football, baseball, and basketball teams in the world). Trust me chief, we don’t worry about the opinions of losers like you.

    16 championships.

    Nuff said

  4. By JL on Dec 20, 2007 | Reply

    Sean — first of all, I’ve never been called a “whipdick” — must be a New England thing.

    Thanks for that — I had a good laugh.

    Don’t take my points about Boston personally…it’s not that I dislike the team, it’s just that I’m tired of hearing from Celtics fans that this team is flawless. I think it would be great for the big 3 to win a championship…Garnett is a great guy and deserves it as much as anyone. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will happen (at least this year).

    You want to know what’s wrong with the team, look at the post. It’s laid out pretty clearly.

    As for the fact that the Celtics “should have won”, I must say I’m mystified. If they should have won, why do they play the game?

  5. By tb727 on Dec 20, 2007 | Reply

    Are you kidding me on this? The Pistons are clearly better than the Celtics?

    The benches? I’ll take Posey over any bench player Detroit has. Detroit’s bench is not better than the Celtics.

    The Celts were obviously going to lose some games. It took a torrid 3 point shooting night, a lot of missed free throws, and a lousy game by Paul Pierce. And it still came down to the final play. The Celts are still the best team in the East- just look at the standings in case you forgot.

  6. By JL on Dec 20, 2007 | Reply

    Posey’s performance in this game was pitiful, but I would agree he’s as good a bench player as any in the league. Unfortunately, he has to play more than four minutes to impact the game.

    As for the rest of Boston’s bench being better than Detroit’s bench, I think you’ve got blinders on. Maxiell v. the rookie Davis? Hunter v. House? Come on.

    Finally, the excuses come out. Paul Pierce had a lousy game. The Celtics shot poorly from 3pt range. I suppose I could counter that Detroit’s overall shooting percentage was 6% lower than normal, or that Rasheed Wallace had a bad game too, but that would be kind of pointless.

    Detroit won because Boston’s offense stalled when Rondo went out. Rondo went out because he couldn’t handle Billups. Billups got to sink the winning free throws because Rivers made a bad coaching decision throwing a cold Tony Allen into the fire. Finally, when Boston went to their bench to get some offensive spark, they didn’t deliver.

    Did we watch the same game?

  7. By Sean on Dec 21, 2007 | Reply

    Sorry about the Whipdick and Loser comments. They were out of line.

  8. By JL on Dec 21, 2007 | Reply

    No problem man, I know how it is…I really do think the “whipdick” line is funny. I’m going to use that! :-)

  9. By tb727 on Dec 21, 2007 | Reply

    Eddie House runs CIRCLES around Lindsey Hunter. Maxiell is better than Davis but as an overall bench I still take Boston’s.

    Yeah we watched the same game. Please be sure to check the standings again too. You may also want to visit Celticsblog for a non-biased view on the game.

    And oh yeah that Bulls team that beat the Pistons twice looked lovely tonight…

  10. By JL on Dec 21, 2007 | Reply

    I was reading CelticsBlog earlier today and I must say I was impressed…the post I read was about Tony Allen’s last second mistake, and most of the comments said that Allen would have never been in that position if Pierce hadn’t launched his shot so early in the shot clock. It was a good point.

    My perspective is that Rivers is at fault, but Pierce certainly made a poor decision. In any case, I agree that CelticsBlog is a quality website.

    As for the House - Hunter debate, I guess we’ll just have to disagree.

  11. By tb727 on Dec 21, 2007 | Reply

    You saw one of House’s poorest games that night. I haven’t watched too much from Detroit but I’m guessing that was one of Hunter’s better games.

    And yes Pierce did shoot too early- he should’ve “pump-faked”- he certainly had enough time.

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