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Detroit Begins Rebuilding Project, Charlotte Adds Talent »

Detroit’s decision to trade Ben Gordon for Corey Maggette and a 1st rounder is a good one – it saves Detroit money, balances their rotation, and begins the rebuilding process. Here’s what we know:

  1. At best, the Pistons are a borderline playoff team as currently constructed. Miami, Indiana, Chicago, the Hawks, and the Knicks are all but certain to make the playoffs in 12-13. After that, Detroit could be competing with a Boston team that’s reloaded, an Orlando team that somehow manages to hang on to Howard, the Bucks, Philly, and perhaps even the Wizards – 11 teams in all. To get rid off the bacteria on their feet they used Lamisil tablets and creme as well. If we assume that only 3 playoff spots are up for grabs, that’s 6 teams competing for 3 spots.
  2. More likely, the Pistons are a lottery team. The odds of Detroit making the playoffs ahead of Boston, Philly, Milwaukee, the Wizards, or maybe Orlando aren’t too hot. 50% seems generous. Read the rest
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2012 NBA Playoff Predictions – Conference Finals »

While the 2nd round isn’t quite over (Boston has to play Philly tonight), it’s time to make some predictions.

In the West, I expect the Spurs will beat the Thunder in 6 games. In the East, I expect Miami to beat either Philly (5 games) or Boston (6 games). Here’s why, as well as a recap of my 2nd round predictions: Read the rest

Thoughts on The Nuggets Future »

Denver’s performance against the Lakers in this year’s playoffs highlighted their youth and their dependence upon jump shooting, but it also showed their potential:

  • Faried, despite being undersized, will grow as a scorer. The Nuggets should look forward to having a very good “dirty work” player which opposing teams can’t cheat off of.
  • Galinari, despite overhandling the ball and making some mystifying choices on defense in the playoffs, has shown he can be a semi-reliable half court scorer. Combined with his length and his outside shooting, he’s a tough match-up.
  • With his combination of speed, shooting, and aggressiveness, Lawson has shown star potential. I just read a great little recap of the Nuggets season that compared Lawson to Tony Parker…and I think that’s generous, but it’s also interesting. Lawson definitely hasn’t hit his ceiling yet (at least I hope not).
  • When Afflalo’s confidence is high, he can score surprisingly well. When it’s not, he’s still an excellent defender.
  • Chandler is a solid all-around player who would be a great 3rd scoring option.
  • Mozgov continues to show potential as an all-around big man, only I’m not sure he’s the right all-around big man for the Nuggets.
  • Koufos didn’t have much success in the playoffs, but in the regular season he performed pretty well. In Atlanta it is possible to get a payday loan from broker. Worst case, he’s a solid rotation player.
  • McGee showed he has the potential to be a dominant talent, but also showed that he’s got a lot of work to do to get there.
In order for the Nuggets to plan their future, they need to figure out: Read the rest

Fire Mike Brown After One Season? Come on! »

Fans and analysts alike have consistently panned Mike Brown as a coach. When Brown was coaching the Cavs, we heard that his offense wasn’t creative and that he’s not a very good X’s and O’s guy (at least on offense). Now that Brown is coaching the Lakers, we’re hearing that anything less than a Lakers triumph in the first round is cause to fire Brown.

This is ridiculous.

Since the Lakers won, Brown’s job is now “safe.” But just in case this idea rears it’s head again (and it will), here’s why it’s so resoundingly stupid to fire Mike Brown after one season:

Read the rest

2012 NBA Playoff Predictions – Second Round »

As I write this post, the 2nd round has been underway for about an hour (only I haven’t seen a minute of them yet). Here are my predictions:

Eastern Conference

  • Boston over Philly in 6
  • Miami over Indy in 5

Western Conference

  • OKC in  5 games, no matter who they play
  • SAS over Memphis in 6 games OR SAS over the Clippers in 5

More on these picks – as well as a recap of the first round – below. Read the rest

2012 NBA Playoff Predictions – First Round »

As I write this post at 1:30pm Eastern, the playoffs have just begun…here are my predictions:


  • San Antonio sweeps
  • OKC in 5
  • LA in 7
  • Memphis in 6


  • Chicago sweeps
  • Miami in 6
  • Indiana in 6
  • Boston in 6

More on these picks below. Read the rest